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Bitter Melon and Diabetes, Bitter Gourd, Karela for Diabetes Mellitus

A well planned diabetic diet is an essential for a diabetic patient. Bitter gourd or Momordica charantia is a rich component of momordicine charantin which is a mixture of steroids known for managing diabetes. A well planned diabetic diet is an essential part in a diabetic patient’s life. Bitter melon plays an important role in this diabetic food proportion. Bitter gourd coming under Cucurbitaceae family is mostly seen in tropical and sub tropical areas including Asian, Caribbean and African countries.

Bitter gourd or Momordicacharantiaa is a rich component ofmomordicineecharantinn which is a mixture of steroids known for controlling diabetes. Bitter melon also known as Karela can be used both as food as well as a medicine for a diabetic patient. Both leaves and fruit of Karela are blessed with medicinal property in regulating blood sugar. Karela ripens with many polypeptide components essential for regulating sugar metabolism. These polypeptide components eradicate many issues related to type 1 diabetes.

Oleanolic acid glycosides present in bitter melon prevents the absorption of sugar from intestine there by helping type 2 diabetic patients. Inclusion of Karela in diet promotes the formation of beta cells in pancreas there by enhancing sugar metabolization. Inclusion ofkarelaa in daily diet helps in maintaining a good health by reducing blood sugar level. Now we will see the important constituents in bitter melon.Karelaa is a refined source of vitamin A, B1, B2, C and iron. Rich vitamin and nutrient contents in bitter gourd helps in faster carbohydrate metabolism.

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